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Sasa Pocek

Sasa Pocek

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Subject:Canary Foundation and the American Cancer Society - Funding Opportunity

Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards in the Early Detection of Cancer

Technical developments in the rapidly advancing fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and imaging are transforming how patients and physicians evaluate risk, prevention, detection, and the treatment of cancer. These emerging technologies will lead to rapid, cost-effective, and coordinated evaluation of an individual's DNA sequence, complex patterns of RNA and protein expression, and metabolic regulation. This in turn, presents exciting opportunities to translate such knowledge into clinical management.

Canary Foundation, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is extending its postdoctoral fellowship program focused on studies in the tools and technologies for developing strategies for the early detection of cancer. Research should be directed at new approaches to improve clinical methods for the screening of primary tumors and/or metastases, including, but not limited to research focused in the following areas:

Minimally invasive strategies for early detection

Biomarker identification or discovery

Imaging, including novel molecular imaging strategies

Most of the projects that will be funded are expected to have a direct impact on the early detection of cancer. However, research designed to provide the conceptual or experimental foundation for the future development of methods for early detection will also be considered. Studies such as those examining the psychosocial barriers that prevent individuals or groups taking advantage of existing methods for the early detection of cancer will not be considered at this time.

The review and ranking of applications will be based on: the achievements and promise of the applicant; the feasibility and innovation of the research plan; and the scientific environment provided by the mentor. Applicants are required to submit a letter of intent by January 16th, 2007 briefly describing the project and mentor. Only those applications that are judged to be appropriate responses to the RFA will be permitted to submit an application. Projects not considered appropriate for this RFA can be evaluated with all other postdoctoral applications received for the subsequent April 1 ACS deadline.

Awards will be 3 years in duration with progressive stipends of $42,000, $44,000, and $46,000 per year, plus $4,000 per year for institutional allowance. Based upon the availability of funds and the scientific merit of the applications, it is anticipated that up to 3 awards will be made. To restrict funding to full 3 year fellowships, applications will only be accepted from scientists who, at the time of application, have had no more than 2 years of research experience beyond their terminal degree (MD or PhD). Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents working with an accomplished mentor at a non-profit institution. Awardees will be asked to attend the "Realizing the Promise" Early Detection Symposium May 22-24, 2007.

Deadlines: Letter of intent: January 16, 2007(site will open November 15th). Complete application: February 20, 2007. For additional information regarding program policies, instructions for submission of the letter of intent, or to obtain an application, please refer to the ACS website: To learn about the Canary Foundation, please visit

For specific inquiries, please contact:

William Phelps, PhD Christopher Widnell, PhD

American Cancer Society, Inc.

404-929-6835, 404-329-7552

Posted: 28 Nov 2006 02:06 PM
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