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Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson

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Subject:12/10/2009 PDAEC Meeting Minutes

Postdoctoral Association Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
December 10, 2009
10:00am, FCT 3 Rooms 4&5

Committee Members:
Present: Christine Lesch, Martha Skender, Mala Pande, Tiffany Doucette, Hui Zhao, Laura Gumbiner-Russo, Carolyn Goebel, Melissa Thompson, Liesl Nel-Themaat, Melissa Muller, Ruhee Dere (via teleconference)

Absent: Michelle Hildebrandt, Abhinav Jain, Ying Ma, Susan Mayelzadeh, Nahum Puebla, Guang Peng, Susan Mayelzadeh, Ivone Bruno

Others Present: Shreya Mitra, Sofie Claerhout

Meeting called to order at 10:00 by Laura.

Mentor Award Ceremony tentatively scheduled Tuesday, February 16th, 3-5pm
o PDAEC picture will take place quickly before the start of the ceremony
o Hickey is not yet confirmed, waiting for facilities
o Need a photographer or for someone to bring a camera
o View mark-up of invitation for approval by PDAEC; Discussed changing name to University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Postdoctoral Association. Decided that the name was too long and did not match the award. Kept wording without University of Texas
o Dr. Mendelsohn, Dr. Tomasovic, and Dr. Chamberlain have been confirmed
o Need to invite the 3 postdocs who nominated Dr. Wetter
o $1000 gift to Wetter already given as it had to be directly administered to him by HR; need to create a fake check to present at the ceremony

RCR Program
o Roundtable was originally scheduled for March 16th; Need to reschedule due to NPA meeting; Carolyn will check room availability for March 9th or 10th
o PDAC Meeting on March 2nd, same day as RCR Seminar 5
o Martha is compiling sign-in sheets
o Ruhee is compiling sign-in sheets for Science Park
o Also related to RCRDr. Tomasovic is holding a meeting regarding the new RCR requirements
Trainees and faculty need non-web based RCR training and completion of program must be documented
Hui will attend the meeting to either present her poster or provide input on her experiences with the PDA-RCR
May be able to get more support for badge sign-in, online sign-up for seminars, or more seminars for the program

Notice of Summit on Women Faculty preceding NPA meeting, March 10-11
o $750 travel award, deadline is December 18th
o Award may require a letter saying that the institution does not have funds for travelMartha can provide that letter

Postdoc survey will come out in mid-January

Blood Drive
o Planning for 1-2 weeks after new year.
o Need to do south campus and location on 3rd floor in BSRB

Other Speakers
o Candelari and Rao(?) seminar on violence on campus needs to be moved to January
o NIH in May
o April 10th is the PDA Picnic. May be in concert with GSBS. Discussed bunny vs clown.

Future speaker ideas:
o Publications/Scientific Writing Seminar
o Career Development with Vicki in April
o Grant seminar
Referenced Finding the right grant for you, from Baylor Career Development seminar; what can international postdocs apply for besides fellowships? Problem with submitting concept based applications
Process of applying for postdocshandling OSP, FReD, etc

Most likely have a trip to Science Park for PDAEC meeting sometime in the Spring

Christine, Liesl and Melissa M. are leaving in the coming months, opening their chair positions (International, Service, and Events, respectively).

Thanks to Laura for bringing food to the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05am.

Posted: 13 Jan 2010 09:44 AM
Originally Posted: 13 Jan 2010 09:43 AM
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