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Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson

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Subject:1/14/2010 PDAEC Meeting Minutes

Postdoctoral Association Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2010
10:00am, R11.1100 Room 1

Committee Members:
Present: Laura Gumbiner-Russo, Liesl Nel-Themaat, Michelle Hildebrandt, Melissa Thompson, Melissa Muller, Christine Lesch, Tiffany Doucette, Mala Pande, Sofie Claerhout, Martha Skender, Carolyn Groebel, Hui Zhao, Sofie Claerhout

Guests: Anil Shetty and Robert Armstrong

Meeting called to order at 10:05am.

Blood drive Liesl
o Jan. 21st, 9am to 3pm
o Need to get the flier out, ASAP
o Forward to postdocs--should come from PDA: postdocs, TAA trainee groups, department admin, faculty
o Mala is going to fix the flier--the PDA will distribute it
o Can we move the location? (presently in Alkek)
o No one from PDAEC needs to be there for set up, etc

Medical Mission of MD Anderson Anil Shetty and Robert Armstrong
o Robert founded it a year and half ago
o The MD Anderson Cancer Center Medical Missions Group links employees with non-profit organizations in North America and around the world who work to provide medical care and equipment.
o The volunteers of the MDACC Medical Missions Group could help improve cancer care in the developing world through educational programs mediated through non-profit mission organizations.
o Anil is trying to improve awareness--just got a webpage
o About 30 non-profits, international and domestic,
o Trying to work out compensation for people going on a mission
o Robert Armstrong--refer to handouts
o March 3rd-near the gift shop in the park, 10am-2pm -next MMG fair
o Interested in distribution through PDA--could help us with events like blood drive
o There are jobs for postdocs--admin, set up, non-clinical jobs
o Laura suggested linking to the Medical Missions Facebook page from the PDA Facebook page

Working successfully in the USA-Martha
o Dr. Candelari wants to send this out ASAP
o Comments on credited toward fulfillment of the Postdoctoral fellow-with-distinction certificate?
o Concern that domestic postdocs are at a disadvantageno distinction because some are targeted to international
o Should be more items to do to get distinction that just the list provided

RCR Seminars-Christine
o Christine will introduce Dr. Wetter
o Three of his postdocs will be on the panel
o Room for roundtable discussion--still waiting for confirmation, on the 9th or 10th
o Some complaint about questionnaire--having same questions--put something saying they dont have to fill out the whole questionnaire if you have already filled it out before
o Can Hui pick up the stuff (questionnaires, etc) for the seminar on Tuesday??
o Martha is going to be a little late but will bring the gifts

Mentor Award update--Michelle
o Awards have been ordered
o Invitations should come this week
o Michelle and Martha will work on the program and advertisements
o Melissa M. and Michelle need to coordinate food--next week
o Check has been taken care of--need to make a big blow up one??
o Get it on Channel 20 and get it on employee notes and research weekly, and MD Anderson calendar

Other general items:
o PDA should give a packet or catalog of info to new postdocs--talk about upcoming seminars, etc to get new postdocs interested in PDAEC
o Sophie is interested in international chair, Shreya is interested in service
o Need to send an email about the Facebook page
o NIH seminar:
Martha has names and contact information for NIH seminar--seems it can happen
Are they coming anyway? Contact Shine. Early to mid May??
o Victoria Thompson--transition to faculty
Interested in seminar? Yes
Laura will ask her to come next time to see what she has planned.
o Donation bank--??
o Alma--transitioning to a different position, need to find a new website person

Goodbye, Liesl! Congratulations! We will miss you!

Meeting adjourned at 11:15.

Posted: 14 Jan 2010 12:22 PM
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