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Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson

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Subject:9/9/2010 PDAEC Meeting Minutes

PDAEC Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Laura Gumbiner-Russo, Sofie Claerhout, Christine Lesch, Tiffany Doucette, Martha Skender, Carolyn Groebel, Suzy Linder, Daniel Rosen, Melissa Thompson, Shreya Mitra, Ruhee Dere, Mala Pende, Stacy Lloyd (New!)

1. Postdoktoberfest on October 7th, 5-7pm at the Commons
**Daniel will make flyer--can update last year’s flyer. Include link in the emails to put it on the calendar to make it easier for planning and “saving the date.”

2. National Postdoc Appreciation Week, Sept 20-24
**TAA will have an appreciation gift for postdocs.

3. Transition to Faculty seminar, Sept 29
**Lunch is budgeted for monthly events but not this particular event. Faculty Development is providing 25 lunches. If we want to provide more, have to budget from another event. Doing a dessert at an afternoon South Campus event will help monetarily. Agenda is still tentative.

4. Faculty Development event, October 1st, 12-1, AT&T Auditorium
**Dave Jensen from Science Careers, “Secrets of the Science Job Market-How PhD’s Find Meaningful Work in Today’s Economy”
**Ruhee will request conferencing to Science Park

5. Annual Kick-off Event
**Involve other institutional PDA--invite to happy hour with guests?
**Walking through the website; how is it confusing so they can help decipher their website? PMCID numbers? How do we address that requirement?
**How do we feed everyone? Because budget is through TAA, have to use institutional catering, which is pricey. How do we control portions so that everyone can get fed within budget?
**Need a save the date flyer (Daniel, with topics).

6. Mentor Award Update
**49 nominations by 42 people. Several mentors had a few nominations.
**Nominations have been anonymized already. Sending to UT and then Baylor. **Sending notification to nominees that they have been nominated. Keep nominators anonymous.

7. RCR Seminar Update
**60 people attended first seminar; attendees seemed to find it helpful/useful.
**Should put handouts on the website.
**Problems with people attending the whole hour, not just 15 minutes. Important that postdocs attend the full hour to fulfill the NIH requirement of 8 full contact hours--Scan at the end so attendees have to stay? Other programs use a test at the end?

8. Other Items
**The Scientist survey is out; should email postdocs to take the survey
**Institutional postdoc survey—have the booklet from MDACC people, TAA is in review and discussion of the results. Can look at the booklet at the next PDAEC meeting.

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 01:37 PM
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