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I was treated at M.D. Anderson for head and neck cancer with radiation and C225. Treatment was completed in the fall of 2000. I have all the after effects from treatment, no saliva glands, difficulty swallowing, jaw stiffness. This I can deal with, but the fatigue is very difficult and in the past few months I have had quite a bit of leg pain. I don't know what the leg pain has got to do with anything, but it is very difficult on top of everything else. I do hate to complain, as my cancer is no-longer and am very grateful to all the staff at M.D.Anderson Any suggestions would be very welcome..

Posted: 05 Apr 2004 04:05 PM
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Poorly controlled pain can contribute to patients experiencing worsening cancer-related fatigue. Pain can result in poor quality sleep and also inhibit patients in their ability to exercise. A regular exercise program can at times result in improvement in patient's cancer-related fatigue. I think it would be reasonable for this patient to undergo an evaluation of his "leg pain" to try to determine it's etiology and hence result in possible alleviation.

Ellen Manzullo, M.D.

Posted: 07 Apr 2004 09:17 AM
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