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I want to ask that,

my mother has colon cancer and liver metastasis (about for 3 years). she had 3 operations an taken oxaliplatin treatment. (now she at remission). but she has foot and hand pain. I think this is the result of chemotherapy. what can we do.

thank you for your recommendations.

Posted: 07 Nov 2006 01:51 PM
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Subject:No Topic

Presuming that the pain is not because of any other reason and if the pain in the hand and leg are like shooting, throbbing pain, with pins & needles sensations, I would recommend medication that is specific for nerve type of pain. There are some good medications available for this type of pains such as gabapentin, pregabalin. I am not sure if your mother used these medications before or not. In addition to these medications, small dose of opioids also help in reducing the pain. Hope this is of some help for you.

Krishna Boddu, M.D.

Posted: 08 Nov 2006 09:36 AM
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