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Subject:Pain Management

Here are my questions:

I have sarcoma. I have experienced severe pain that may last as little as a few days to several months. It goes as quickly as it comes. The sarcoma is mainly in my hips, spine and shoulders. On a daily basis I experience moderate pain something like having the flu (aching). I take advil or Tylenol.

I have Zometha treatments once a month. I was wondering if the Zometha is beneficial for pain treatment?

I experienced a bout with severe pain for 3 months (April, May, and June). The prescription medications I took were not successful in treating the pain. I took oxicottin ( I am sure I did not spell it correctly). I experienced lots of side effects and generally did not feel well taking it.

What would be your recommendation for any future bouts of severe pain?

Thank you.

Posted: 08 Nov 2006 04:47 PM
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Subject:Pain Management

Zometa (Zolidronic acid) is a pain medication that changes the calcium level in the blood and works for pain from secondaries etc. If your severe pain is not associated with shooting, burning, tingling pain, common medication such as tylenol and or oxycodone should work if given in sufficient doses. I am not sure about your side effects for Oxycontin but there are other medications that could produce the same effect such as morphine long acting. However, if the type of pain you are experiencing is nerve type of pain with symptoms such as shooting, burning, tingling pain, the medications are different such as gabapentin or pregabalin etc.

For future bouts of pain, I would recommend not to stop the current medication but to add other medications that work in different pathway. In your case, continue Zometa and add tylenol upto 1gram every 6 hours presuming you do not have any contraindication to use full dose and also adding advil 200mg (two tablets) every 8 hours with a presumption that you do not have any kidney problems or other conditions that contra indicate the use of advil will benefit you. If there is no relief, then you can add opioid on the top of other three medications under physician supervision.

The most important aspect of the treatment is multi modal approach. That means several different drugs with different mechanisms to be taken simultaneously.

I would recommend you to see a pain doctor to get fully evaluated for your pain issue.

Krishna Boddu, M.D.

Posted: 09 Nov 2006 10:05 AM
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