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School of Health Sciences Alumni Survey

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Sciences is conducting a survey of our alumni concerning their perceptions of the education and experiences in the School of Health Sciences program you attended for the purpose of increasing program efficiency and effectiveness. The attached survey represents an attempt to isolate specific areas we would you, our alumni, to evaluate. The survey should take about ten (10) minutes to complete. In order that the results truly represent the thinking of the alumni, it is important that each survey be completed.

You may be assured of complete confidentiality. Your name will not be associated with any responses. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Marilyn Greer at 713.792.7296 or e-mail at Please complete the questionnaire by December 17, 2004, to ensure that your input will be included in the analysis.

"I have read the above description of the study, and I have decided to participate in the research project described here. I understand that I may refuse to answer any (or all) of the questions at this or any other time. I understand that there is a possibility that I might be contacted in the future about this, but that I am free to refuse any further participation if I wish.

During the course of this study, the research team at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (UTMDACC) will be collecting information about me that they may share with health authorities, study monitors who check the accuracy of the information, individuals who put all the study information together in report form. By answering the questions, I am providing authorization for the research team to use and share my information at any time. If I do not want to authorize the use and disclosure of my information, I may choose not to answer these questions. There is no expiration date for the use of this information as stated in this authorization.

I may withdraw my authorization at any time, in writing, if my information can be used to identify me. For information on the Notice of Privacy Practices, please call 713-792-2933."

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SHS Alumni Survey

Administratively reviewed by the MDACC IRB: 07/08/02

This survey has been produced by the Department of Education Research and Assessment.