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Institutional Research Report Abstracts

Select from the following report abstracts.


Anestesiology Periopeartive Speed Faculty Mentoring Pre_Post FY2012 IR-000181 IR-000221.pdf
Anesthesia Assessment Ctr Needs Assessment Abstract 2012 IR-000075.pdf
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Cancer Medicine IT Satisfaaction Survey 2012 FY 2012 IR-000133.pdf
Cancer Medicine IT Satisfaction Survey 2011 FY2012 IR-000115.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Breast Follow-up FY2012 IR-000072.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Colorectal Baseline FY2011 IR-000013.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Head & Neck Baseline FY2011 IR-000025.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Head & Neck Follow-up FY2012 IR-000071.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Lung Baseline FY2013 IR-000261.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Lymphoma Post Satisfaction FY2013 IR-000235.pdf
Cancer Survivorship Patient Satisfaction Comparison FY2011 IR-000060.pdf
CCSB Reduce Your Cancer Risks FY 2012 IR-000024.pdf
CCSG Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BISR) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A02.pdf
CCSG Biostatistics Resource Group (BRG) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A03.pdf
CCSG Bone Histomorphometry Core (BHC) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-C01.pdf
CCSG Cancer Genomics Core (CGC) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-C02.pdf
CCSG Characterized Cell Line Core (CCL) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-B01 2010 .pdf
CCSG Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A04.pdf
CCSG DNA Analysis Facility (DAF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A06 .pdf
CCSG Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging (FCCIF) Facility Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A07.pdf
CCSG Functional Proteomics Reverse Phase Protein Array Core (FPRPPA) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-B02 .pdf
CCSG Genetic Services (GS) – Smithville Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A12.pdf
CCSG Genetically Engineered Mouse Facility (GEMF) North Campus Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A09.pdf
CCSG Genetically Engineered Mouse Facility (GEMF) South Campus Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A10.pdf
CCSG High Resolution Electron Microscopy Facility (HREMF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A15.pdf
CCSG Immune Monitoring Core Lab (IMCL) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A16.pdf
CCSG Molecular Cytogenetics Facility (MCF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A18.pdf
CCSG Monoclonal Antibody Facility (MAF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A17.pdf
CCSG Mutant Mouse Pathology Service – Smithville Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-B03.pdf
CCSG Non-Coding RNA Core Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-C03 .pdf
CCSG Patient-Reported Outcomes Survey & Population Research (PROSPR) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A21 .pdf
CCSG Pharmacology & Analytical Facility – NMR Facility (NMR) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A19.pdf
CCSG Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A20.pdf
CCSG Research Animal Support Facility – Smithville (RASFS) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A23.pdf
CCSG Research Animal Support Facility–Houston (RASFH) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A22.pdf
CCSG Research Histopathology Facility (RHF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A24.pdf
CCSG Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A25.pdf
CCSG Tissue Procurement and Banking Facility (TPBF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-A26.pdf
CCSG Translational Chemistry Core Facility (TCCF) Abstract FY2010 IR-000006-B05.pdf
CGSR TALENs Needs Assessmnet 2012 IR-000199.pdf
Children's Hospital Decision Factor Survey FY2011 IR-000023.pdf
Clinical Support Services AWMP Survey Leadership FY 2013 IR-000271.pdf
Clinical Support Services Dining Services Satisfaction FY2013 IR-000314.pdf
Clinical Support Srevices AWMP Survey Employee FY 2013 IR-000214.pdf
CLS Alumni Survey 2012 Abstract IR-000112.pdf
CLS Employer Survey 2012 IR-000113.pdf
CLS Employer Survey 2012 IR-0001131.pdf
Considering a Career in Academic Medicine FY 2011 IR-000275.pdf
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Eduaction Resource Committee Inventory FY 2013 IR-000247.pdf
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FAA Faculty Exit FY 2012 IR-000252.pdf
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GME Competency 2011-2012 FY 2012 IR-000185.pdf
GME Competency Series 2009-2010 FY2011 IR-000004.pdf
GME Competency Series 2010-2011 FY2012 IR-000084.pdf
GME Competency Series 82012 - 62013 FY 2013 IR-000299.pdf
GME Core Curriculum Lecture Series 07-2010 - 05-2011 FY2012 IR-000083.pdf
GME Core Curriculum Lecture Series 72009 - 52010 FY2011 IR-000014.pdf
GME Core Curriculum Lecture Series 72009 - 52010 FY2011 IR-0000141.pdf
GME Core Curriculum Lecture Series 72011 - 52012 FY2012 IR-000100.pdf
GME Core Curriculum Lecture Series 72012-52013 FY2013 IR-000300.pdf
GSBS Career Development Seminar Series 2011 FY2011 IR-000090.pdf
GSBS Career Development Seminar Series 2012 FY2012 IR-000211.pdf
GSBS Course Evals 2012 Spring IR-000170.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations 2010-2011 Semester 1 (Fall) FY2011 IR-000037.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations 2010-2011 Semester 2 (Spring) FY2011 IR-000070.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS02 0012 Phys of Positron Emission Tomog 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS02 0022 Special Rad Treatment Procedures 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS02 0174 Intro Diagnostic Image Rotation 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS04 0062 Methods in Cancer Metastasis Res 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS14 0051 Sem in Neurobiol of Lrng&Memry 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS14 0061 Sem in Molecular Neuroscience 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Course Evaluations GS21 0061 Critical Thinking in Science 2009-2010 Semester 3 (Summer) FY2010 IR-000012.pdf
GSBS Exit Questionnaire FY2010 FY2011 IR-000062.pdf
GSBS Exit Questionnaire FY2011 FY2011 IR-000068.pdf
GSBS Focus Groups on Recruitment & Training FY2012 IR-000069.pdf
GSBS Orientation 2010 FY2011 IR-000016.pdf
GSBS Orientation 2011 FY2011 IR-000104.pdf
GSBS Orientation 2012 FY 2012 IR-000206.pdf
Gynecologic Oncology Laparoscopy Practitioners Fellows Survey FY2008001.pdf
Gynecologic Oncology Minimally Invasive Practitioners Fellows Survey FY2012 IR-000066 IR-000067.pdf
Gynecologic Oncology Radical Trachelectomy Practitioners and Fellows Survey FY2012 IR-000097_IR-000142.pdf
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Healthy Bites FY2013 IR-000253.pdf
Healthy Bites II FY 2013 IR-000270.pdf
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ICARE Managing Difficult Conversations Workshop Assessment FY2011 IR-000064.pdf
Integrated Desktop Services Survey 2010 FY2011 IR-000035.pdf
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Joining or Starting Medical Practice FY 2011 IR-000132.pdf
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Kingwood High School Educational Event 2011 FY2011 IR-000049.pdf
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Learning Center, The Satisfaction Survey FY2013 IR-000335.pdf
Learning Center, The Satisfaction Survey FY 2012 IR-000220 .pdf
Learning Center, The_Satusfaction Survey FY 2012 IR-000088 .pdf
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Neuro-Oncology Steroid Survey FY2012 IR-000027.pdf
New Patient Survey 2010 10 FY2011 IR-000034.pdf
New Patient Survey 2011 01 FY2011 IR-000043.pdf
New Patient Survey 2011 04 FY2011 IR-000063.pdf
New Patient Survey 2011 07 FY2011 IR-000085.pdf
New Patient Survey 2011 10 FY2012 IR-000117.pdf
New Patient Survey 2012 1 FY 2012 IR-000141.pdf
New Patient Survey 2012 10 FY 2012 IR-000219.pdf
New Patient Survey 2012 4 FY 2012 IR-000164.pdf
New Patient Survey 2012 7 FY 2012 IR-000164.pdf
New Patient Survey 2013 1 FY2013 IR-00246.pdf
New Patient Survey 2013 4 FY2013 IR-000272.pdf
New Patient Survey 2013 7 FY 2013 IR-000301.pdf
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PAS New Pt Evaluation Apr 2012 IR-000164.pdf
Patient Education Office Focused on Health Surveys 2010 FY2011 IR-000074.pdf
PEO Shopping Cart Survey FY2012 IR-000101.pdf
Physician Referral Directory Needs Assessment FY2012 IR-000076.pdf
Physicians Relations Needs Assessmet 2012 IR-000173.pdf
Public Education Office CCSB Reduce Your Cancer Risks FY2012 IR-000024.pdf
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Reserach Medical Library iPad_Tablet Use Faculty Questionnaire 2012 FY2012 IR-000174.pdf
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SAO Annual Survey FY 2011 IR-000106.pdf
SAO Annual Survey FY2012 IR-000202.pdf
SHP Career Development Series 2011 FY2011 IR-000018.pdf
SHP Career Development Series 2012 FY2012 IR-000212.pdf
SHP CLS Alumni Survey FY2012 IR-000112.pdf
SHP CLS Employer Survey FY2012 IR-000113.pdf
SHP DI Employer 2010 Abstract IR-000048.pdf
SHP HT Alumni Survey FY2012 IR-000121.pdf
SHP HT Employer Survey FY2012 IR-000122.pdf
SHP MGT Alumni Online Survey FY2011 IR-000044.pdf
SHP MGT Employer Online Survey FY2011 IR-000046.pdf
SHP New Student Survey 2010 FY201 IR-000015.pdf
SHP Program Evaluation 2011 FY2012 IR-000105.pdf
SHP Program Evaluation FY 2012 IR-000196.pdf
SHP Radiation Therapy Alumni Survey 2011 FY2012 IR-000058.pdf
SHP Radiation Therapy Employer Survey 2011 FY2012 IR-000059.pdf
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TAA Exit Survey Trainee 2012 FY 2012 IR-000240 .pdf
TAA Exit Survey Trainee 2012 FY 2012 IR-000240 1.pdf
TAA GSBS Career Development Seminars FY2013 IR-000307.pdf
TAA Postdoctoral Fellow Alumni Survey FY2011 IR-000038.pdf
TAA Postdoctoral Fellow Perception Survey Follow-up FY2011 IR-000003.pdf
TAA SHP Career Development Seminars FY 2013 IR-000308.pdf
TAA_ PRF_Exit Survey_2007-2012 Abstract IR-000172.pdf
TAA_Other PostDoc Appt _Trainee_Exit Survey 2007-2012 Final IR-000184.pdf
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UTPD Survey 2010 FY2011 IR-000021.pdf
UTPD_Client Exp 2011 Abstract IR-000125.pdf
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Women Faculty Programs AAMC Early Career Development Program, One Year Follow-up - Attendees IR-000103.pdf
Women Faculty Programs AAMC Early Career Development, One Year Follow-up - Supervisors IR-000144.pdf
Women Faculty Programs Division Based Gneder Inclusivness FY2013 IR-000285.pdf
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