Charter of Paris
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World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millenium
Charter of Paris: 4 February 2000

Article 7

Individual and constituency-based patient advocacy has directly and favorably impacted the war against cancer in instances in which it is well informed and rooted in an understanding of and commitment to quality science and evidence-based medical practice. As the primary stakeholder in the anti-cancer effort, the patient is uniquely positioned to focus the overall anti-cancer effort on eradication of disease and on the optimal use of resources to benefit people at risk of cancer and people living with and fighting the disease.

The parties undertake to strengthen the position of the cancer patient as an active partner in the fight against cancer and will actively promote the following principles:

1. All people affected or potentially affected by cancer should have equal access to information concerning the disease and treatment options including disease origin, prevention, current standards for detection, diagnosis and treatment.

2. Open and collaborative communication between people with cancer and health care professionals and scientists is essential.

3. A commitment to total patient well being includes not only clinical care but also information and psychosocial support. Health care professionals and people with cancer share the responsibility to ensure that total patient needs are met.

4. People with cancer throughout the world have the opportunity to become informed, organized and influential.

5. The professional medical community, recognizing the power and benefit of an informed and active public, will help facilitate popular commitment to both the scientific process and the practice of evidence-based medicine.

6. The medical research, industry and policy communities will regard informed patient advocates as key strategic partners in all aspects of the fight against cancer, including the advancement of standards of care and survival.

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