Why did M. D. Anderson launch a blog?

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In my role in the Communications Office at M. D. Anderson, I don't often get to see and talk to patients and their families. However, I do have the privilege of speaking with the physicians, nurses and support staff who work on the front lines every day. I love to hear first hand their stories of hope, survival, caring and discovery. The stories are amazing and indicative of what makes M. D. Anderson special.

It all boils down to caring, integrity and discovery. These aren't just words to the 18,000-plus employees and volunteers here at M. D. Anderson. These ideas are the core of our personal value system. If you were to walk through any one of the buildings that make up M. D. Anderson today, you would most likely witness the true caring, undeniable integrity or passionate discovery in action that I see in the halls every day.

Our hope with this blog is to share stories of our core values in action and to open the lines of communication between you and this institution of cancer treatment, research, education and prevention. In other words, this is your chance to learn more about what we do, ask questions, respond to our ideas or let us know what you think. We're open to honest feedback and we'll post and answer every comment that we can.

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