Cancer Newsline: This Month in Cancer News - June 2009

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Stress Management Helps Prostate Cancer Patients
Relaxation May Improve Mood, Quality of Life

Brief stress-management sessions before and immediately after radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate and surrounding tissue) to treat early stage prostate cancer had short- and long-term benefits in a recent study.

Surgery Offers Hope for Lymphedema
Method Helps Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effect

A surgical procedure helped reduce upper-arm lymphedema, swelling that is common after surgery or radiation to treat breast cancer, by nearly 30% in a recent study.

The results of the investigation, which looked at the effects of a microsurgical technique known as lymphaticovenular bypass, were reported by M. D. Anderson surgeons at the annual meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Gene Protects Breast Cancer Tumor Suppressor
Rak Regulates PTEN; May Work Independently

Scientists have discovered a gene that protects PTEN, a major tumor-suppressor that is reduced but rarely mutated in about half of all breast cancers.

The gene Rak helps defend and regulate PTEN, which also is important in several other types of cancer, M. D. Anderson investigators reported in the April issue of Cancer Cell.

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