Passport Plan for Health -- It's Good Preventive Medicine

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Thanks to early detection and improved treatments, millions of American's are surviving cancer. Why is this important? As many survivors have learned, recovery isn't always end of cancer experience. the transition from active treatment surveillance survivorship care is critical their ability to live longer,stronger and healthier lives.

If care isn't planned and coordinated, cancer survivors and their community physicians may not know enough about heightened risks for second cancers, potential late effects of cancer treatment or the long-term plan of follow-up care.

For genitourinary cancers, we've developed unique survivorship services to address their needs. A component of this care includes development of a comprehensive care summary. The "Passport Plan for Health" is an electronic tool, provided through myMDAnderson to the patients and health care providers, that summarizes an individual's:

•    Cancer diagnosis and treatments received
•    Cancer screening recommendations
•    Ways to reduce risks for other cancers
•    Potential late effects of treatment and how to monitor for them
•    Preventive care recommendations
•    Patient concerns
•    Recommended referrals to community providers

The passport communicates the necessary follow-up regimen and timing -- including potential late effects of treatment, how to identify them and what to do about them -- and explains which provider is responsible for what care. It also can be helpful in explaining the survivor's personal situation when visiting new physicians or other health care professionals.

The "Passport Plan for Health" is good preventive medicine.

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It might be good if it is practice properly. I am not sure how effective it will be for the long run.

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