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By Wendy Gottsegen, Director, External Communications

We also don't recommend that you don't drink the water, either. Confused? Well there seems to be buzz on the Internet about a type of water that a Dallas-based company is marketing and this water's relationship to M. D. Anderson.   

So we thought we'd un-muddy the water for our patients, employees and supporters. M. D. Anderson doesn't recommend the water. 

Dont drink the waterWhat we did do was test the water (this time the pun is not intended) for the company, who compensated us to do so. The tests were very specific, not comprehensive and the results were turned over to the company without interpretation by M. D. Anderson experts.

Because of the advanced equipment at our institution, we get requests from industry from time to time to use the equipment for commercial endeavors. We evaluate these requests, and if it's not disruptive to patient care and research, we may accommodate for a fee. This is what happened in the case of the water from Dallas.

M. D. Anderson is focused on patient care, research, education and prevention of cancer. You'd be hard-pressed to get us to stray from that mission, so when you see us appear to recommend something not necessarily related to cancer, please ask questions. In fact, please call us at 877-MDA-6789 and let us know.

Our lawyers have crafted some nice language fully explaining this situation. Please share it with anybody who might ask you about M. D. Anderson and some new-fangled "nutraceutical" water from Dallas.

M. D. Anderson statement:
Recently, you may have heard or read about a company that sells Evolv, a "nutraceutical beverage," which is being promoted in part based upon testing done at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, but also is being mistakenly viewed as endorsed by M. D. Anderson. M. D. Anderson conducted limited chemical analysis of the product to evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity for a fee at the request of the manufacturer. No efficacy or toxicity data were generated at M. D. Anderson nor was the product tested on humans. Moreover, M. D. Anderson does not have any involvement with the company, the product is not produced by M. D. Anderson, and M. D. Anderson does not endorse the product or recommend its use.


Of course M. D. Anderson does not (and should not) "endorse or recommend its use." M. D. Anderson is composed of brilliant and caring physicians and staff who have dedicated their lives to saving humans from the ravages of cancer. M. D. Anderson should never be expected to endorse anything for each case must be seen as individual, an individual human being with an individual calamity that must be assayed and treated individually.

I have heard about this company and after seeing this post, I went to their website( s) I have not seen where they are claiming that you recommend their water..... what I saw was the following:

Our active ingredient has been tested by the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. Evolv will be released in Fall 2009.


Evolv’s nutraceutical beverage with Archaea Active is tested by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Maybe I missing something or perhaps someone else took what was said as them claiming that you promote this water.... but clearly the company is not making those claims.
Just my two cents

Thank you,
K. Christofor-Smith

Every single team call I have participated in during pre-launch has specifically stated that MD Anderson is in no way connected to this product other than the fact that they tested the water. That's ALL I've ever heard as an enrollee in the program.
However, What I do find misleading is this write-up:
"We Don't Recommend You Drink The Water" and the first link said something like, "Is Evolv already crashing?"
I considered signing up for your service here but I feel the headers are very misleading and it's as if you're trying to accuse Evolv of misrepresenting itself. They seem to have gone above and beyond making sure they make disclaimer statements at the beginning of each call, and on the website. Therefore, I most likely won't be using the service here. I'm all for truthful info, but this is a misleading article!
Kim Hipps
KinoKim Marketing

I have been on all the pre-launch calls and have specifically heard the disclaimer that M.D. Anderson is NOT connected or approving of the product but has ONLY tested it. To me, it seems they have gone above and beyond, trying to cover themselves of misleading statements. What I DO find deceiving is this article with it's title: "We Don't Recommend You Drink The Water" and the link to this article reads: "Is Evolv Already Biting The Dust?" Now, that's what I call misleading. Whoever has complained has not read the website fully or been on a conference call. I am fully confident that this company is not and will not bite the dust. They have a very unique and what will likely be a high demand product. It makes me wonder who's trying to sabotage the information and what their motives are? Too bad the writer of the article didn't read the website or get on a call either. Or heck, call the company and ask them their position on M.D. Anderson. A good journalist would have done this. What a disappointment!
KinoKim Marketing
Nashville, TN

Slide 3 of 29 states.."md anderson reaffirmed" Listen to the whole training slide. The whole purpose of this presentation is to get recruiters in their little pyrmaid scheme.
This whole thing is so shady.

Yah you are right, many companies are doing this

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