Health Care Debate Should Include Cancer Survivors' Voices

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You would have to be living on a deserted island these days not to hear about health care reform. Reforming the American health care system was a key aspect of President Obama's domestic agenda and Congress is moving this initiative forward.

 But advocacy and industry groups, the public and elected officials, and even policy wonks have been talking about the need to make reforms to our nation's health care system for years. While one group's interest may be slightly different than the next, all are voicing their opinions on what's working and what's not working. One voice that needs to be heard is that of cancer survivors.

So as health care discussions continue this fall, be sure to let your family and friends know your perspective about what's important. Attend any health reform town hall sessions scheduled in your area and voice your opinion. Talk with or write to your elected officials and let them know to consider cancer survivors' needs as they set about reforming the system.

This is the story of one cancer survivor's effort to ensure her voice was heard.

At a loss of what to say? Most of the time, our elected officials just need to hear our stories. But if you want to say more than that, an advocacy group for cancer survivors, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivors, has posted Lance Armstrong foundation posted its cancer policy platform. Also read the National Conference of State Legislatures Cancer Survivorship: State Policy Issues

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Patient stories abound, one need only look at leading advocacy organizations to see stories of cancer patients, caretakers and survivors leading the charge for health care reform.

Check out The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and read how ACS CAN is leading the charge for cancer patients.

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