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petermaxRenowned artist Peter Max will donate a custom portrait to benefit the Children's Art Project at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Peter Max, who capitalized on the psychedelic '60s and is still painting today, loves to combine his passions for painting and astronomy. In November, he will jet his way to the Off the Wall Gallery in the Houston Galleria where a special selection of his recent works, "Colors of a Better World," will be on display.

Max, who was born in Germany, still finds himself fascinated by his original interest in the universe and astronomy. He explains that the comparison of the size of a person to the size of the earth is an incredible thought. "I'm just amazed at this universe and still wonder how it happened," he says.

However, a chance invitation to attend art school got in the way of his desire to be an astronomer. "I went to art school and got the bug," Max explains. However, his artwork is filled with suns and moons and stars, all astronomical images.

Based in New York City, Max says that he can't wait to get to work each morning and always hates to leave. Fortunately, he lives near his studio where he comes in daily to paint.

Along the way, Max also discovered his philanthropic side. To that end, he's donating the painting of a custom portrait to a lucky bidder in a silent auction at the Off the Wall Gallery. Bids may be placed at the Houston gallery beginning Saturday, Nov. 7, and continuing through Saturday, Nov. 14, at 8 p.m.

The winner of the portrait will be notified at the event or by phone on Monday, Nov. 16. All proceeds from this auction will go directly to the Children's Art Project at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center to help make life better for children with cancer. Through worldwide sales of young cancer patients' original artwork featured on seasonal note cards and gifts as well as through generous donations, the project has funded offerings from the Children's Cancer Hospital such as educational programs, college scholarships, summer camps, ski trips, the Child Life program and other exciting activities that benefit cancer patients and their families.

Don't miss this chance to see the recent work of Peter Max. Previews of the art begin Nov. 7 at the Off the Wall Gallery in the Houston Galleria. Max himself will be at the gallery on Saturday, Nov. 14, 6-9 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 15, 1-4 p.m. The gallery would appreciate an RSVP, 713-871-0940, if you plan to come by.

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