Texas Institute Awards $61 Million in Cancer Research Grants

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The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awarded its first $61 million in cancer research grants today, providing a unique boost for Texas scientists and launching a brand new resource in the fight against cancer.

CPRIT, created by a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2007, ultimately will invest $3 billion in cancer research over the next 10 years

"This is an exciting day because it's the culmination of a great deal of effort since 2007 to support cancer research in Texas. These grants are funding projects that will have a direct impact on cancer," says Raymond DuBois, M.D., Ph.D., provost and executive vice president at M. D. Anderson.

The 66 projects funded by the first round of grants provide a diverse array of opportunities and research approaches statewide and at M. D. Anderson, DuBois says.

M. D. Anderson will receive 13 grants to individual scientists totaling $12,117,138. Three investigators also received $200,000 grants to pursue high-risk, high-reward research projects that have the potential for providing significant breakthroughs. Three other scientists received grants totaling $62,600 to plan three future projects.

M. D. Anderson researchers received 25% of the individual investigator grants and 23% of the high-risk, high-reward grants.

The CPRIT web site has a complete list of all grants awarded.

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