Visitation Restrictions Lifted for Kids 12 and Under; Flu Cases Continue to be Monitored

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With the steady decrease in the number of H1N1 and seasonal flu cases in recent weeks, M. D. Anderson has lifted its visitation restrictions on children 12 years and under, though all patients and visitors will continue to be monitored for symptoms.
Effective immediately, children ages 12 and under once again will be permitted on campus in areas designated by the visitation policy.
With the restrictions lifted, younger brothers, sisters and other family members of patients in treatment at M. D. Anderson's Children's Cancer Hospital once again may visit most areas of the pediatric inpatient and outpatient clinic.  For parents who wish to leave their children in supervised care while visiting on campus, the Child Visitation Rooms in both the Main Building and the Mays Clinic have re-opened.
M. D. Anderson will continue to monitor cases of H1N1 and seasonal flu, and should there be an increase at M. D. Anderson, in Houston or the United States, it may be necessary to reinstate the visitation policy restricting children.
Health care teams and staff will continue to monitor visitors and patients for flu-like symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, fever and aches.  Any visitors with such symptoms will be asked to leave the inpatient unit, clinic or treatment area, and any patients showing such symptoms will be taken to a private exam room as quickly as possible.
As always, visitors and patients are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, cover their mouths and noses fully when sneezing or coughing, remain at home when ill and get a H1N1 or seasonal flu shot.  Flu season extends through April so a vaccine is still effective prevention.

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