Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn: Science Rock Star!

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Blackburn2_option2.jpgDr. Elizabeth Blackburn, 2009 Nobel Laureate, is the "real deal." She's an outstanding scientist, a role model for women in science, a wife, a mother, a fascinating person and the ultimate mentor.

She shares the Nobel Prize with Dr. Carol Greider, who was a graduate student in her lab in the mid 1980s. Now that is the ultimate mentor/mentee relationship.

Dr. Blackburn's recent Hogg Award lecture at M. D. Anderson showed us a woman who loves what she does and communicates that passion to her audience. She also is passionate about women in science, suggesting that not only is it good for science but it's critical to reshaping how science is done -- which could benefit both women and men.

Group.jpgHer message to young women in science: "Have a family, if that's what you want. You are not a failure as a scientist because you want to have a child."She does, and she received the Nobel Prize!

Let her be your role model. 

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