M. D. Anderson in Istanbul, Turkey

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Vehbi Koc Foundation (VKF) American Hospital and M. D. Anderson recently announced that they are expanding cancer care services in Istanbul and Turkey through a new radiation treatment center located in the VKF American Hospital.

The new M. D. Anderson Radiation Treatment Center in Istanbul at American Hospital offers a full range of radiation therapies. It is the first M. D. Anderson radiation treatment facility outside of the United States that fully replicates M. D. Anderson standards of therapies, delivered by physicians trained in Houston.

Designed by M. D. Anderson radiation oncologists, physicists and consultants, this new center provides patients in Turkey with access to top experts and state-of-the-art technologies to assist them with their fight against cancer. The center has the capacity to serve approximately 400 patients annually and is the result of a $15 million capital investment by American Hospital.

M. D. Anderson has clinical oversight of all radiation treatment delivery, ensuring that patients receive therapy using the same guidelines, standards, process and procedures established for M. D. Anderson patients. Services at the M. D. Anderson Radiation Treatment Center in Istanbul at American Hospital will be delivered using a team approach. The physician leading the team will work with colleagues in the Division of Radiation Oncology at M. D. Anderson to determine therapy protocols.

M. D. Anderson and American Hospital are collaborating to meet a critical need in Turkey for expertise in radiation therapy that addresses the rising incidence of cancer, especially in lung and breast cancers. "Cancer is as devastating a health problem in Turkey as it is in the United States," says John Mendelsohn, M.D., president of M. D. Anderson. "We are proud to unite efforts with American Hospital to offer cancer patients in Turkey the best possible radiation treatment.

Read the news release American Hospital Brings Top-Ranked Cancer Services to Turkey With M. D. Anderson Collaboration

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