Preventing Cancer on World Cancer Day

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Each year on Feb. 4, the World Health Organization observes World Cancer Day in support of the International Union Against Cancer and its goal to promote ways to ease the global burden of cancer.

This year's theme, "Cancer can be prevented, too," focuses on simple measures to prevent cancer such as:

    * no tobacco use
    * a healthy diet and regular exercise
    * limited alcohol use
    * protection against cancer-causing infections

Up to two-thirds of all cancers may be preventable by avoiding tobacco and adopting other healthy lifestyle habits.

In the Cancer Prevention Center at M. D. Anderson we don't just explore better ways to treat cancer -- we want to understand how to prevent it, too. We believe that healthy lifestyle habits hold the key to cancer prevention, and conduct studies based on supporting those lifestyle and behavior changes. Our research then drives our commitment to educating the community at large about healthy lifestyle habits and their connection to cancer prevention.

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