Sprint for Life is Personal for Judith Wolf

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Wolf_photo.jpgWhen Judith Wolf, M.D., started running to and from the hospital as a healthy response to grueling 36-hour days as a gynecologic oncology fellow, little did she realize that two of her greatest passions later would come together for the benefit of so many.

Now a noted ovarian cancer specialist and a senior member of M. D. Anderson's renowned Department of Gynecologic Oncology who still pulls long hours, Wolf will be one of the first out of the blocks on Saturday, May 1, at the 13th annual Sprint for Life Run/Walk and Sprint for Sprouts Kids' Run.  

A seasoned runner, Wolf founded the race in 1998 to raise funds for M. D. Anderson's Blanton-Davis Ovarian Cancer Research Program. Wolf continues to chair the annual event which, to date, has brought in more than $2.3 million for basic science and translational research.  

Wolf fondly remembers her patient Laura Lee Scurlock Blanton - one of the two women for whom the Blanton-Davis Program is named - and runs the annual event not only in memory of her but other women who have lost the fight with ovarian cancer.  Wolf remains steadfast in her commitment to the cause and the annual event, inspired by the women who are patients and survivors - and for their daughters and granddaughters. Today, Eddy and Kelli Scurlock Blanton, Laura Lee's son and daughter-in-law, work alongside Wolf and her substantial team of M. D. Anderson staff and volunteers to grow the event each year.

"I remember when Mrs. Blanton came out to watch me run my first marathon. It was the day before she was scheduled for surgery, but she was running up and down the course with her camera cheering me on," Wolf says. "We had a unique bond and it's important for me to do this in her memory and for the others fighting ovarian cancer.  This race is about celebrating survivors, raising awareness and supporting research to find better therapies and ultimately, a cure."

To register for the May 1 Sprint for Life 5K Run/Walk and Sprint for Sprouts Kids' Run, click on

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Oh, running is my hobby! Judith Wolf is a really atta girl! Do you mind if I put this in my essay for good rating in sport school?

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