Your Prevention Diet: Take a Bite Out of Cancer

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eatinghealthy.jpgExperts at the American Institute for Cancer Research estimate about one-third of the 1.4 million cancers that occur every year in the United States could be prevented, in part, by eating a healthy diet. The food you put in your body plays a vital role in beating this disease.

The April issue of Focused on Health, M. D. Anderson's online healthy living newsletter, shares tips on how to outsmart restaurant menus, talks about the best cancer-fighting foods, and provides recipe and menu ideas to jump-start your cancer prevention diet.

Fight Cancer With Food
What do grapes and broccoli have in common? They both play a "starring role" on our list of cancer-fighting foods. Learn how to fight cancer with fruits and veggies

A Healthy Plan for Dining Out
Boost your restaurant IQ with smart tips to help you steer clear of diet-sabotaging menu items. Get six healthy ideas to outsmart the menu

Easy Ideas to Makeover Lunch
Make healthier choices one meal at a time. Try our five-day lunch menu to give your midday meal extra protective power against cancer. Get healthy lunch ideas.

Fit Food From Many Cultures
Get ready to say "Olé!" Learn about the health benefits found in many cultural dishes. Get low-fat cultural food recipes.

Featured videos include:
Video: Cooking Healthy (1:04:10)
Watch as Scott Uehlein, corporate chef at the world famous Canyon Ranch, demonstrates how to make flavorful healthy meals.

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