Stress on Your Mind? Take Time to Relax, Relate and Recharge

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By Laura Nathan-Garner, MD Anderson Staff Writer

FOH_yogawoman.jpgWork. The economy. Your health. Relationships. There's a lot to be stressed about, isn't there?

But as I learned from chatting with friends from around the Web, and Focused on Health's Facebook and Twitter followers, there are plenty of ways to unwind.
Here are just a few ways people told me they unwind:

  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but clean house. -- Lynda H.

  • I watch short segments of Mama Mia. It's impossible to stay stressed out listening to "Dancing Queen" or "If You Change Your Mind." The music is infectious.  -- Christy M.

  • I have a small office with no windows. To reduce stress at work, I have taken pictures of the great outdoors and the ocean, and put them all over my tiny office space walls. -- Michael C.

  • Take a bubble bath and watch a funny show -- there's no better medicine than a nice bath and some laughter after a stressful day. -- Connie R.

Why all this talk about reducing stress? Because making time to relax, recharge and connect with others helps your body fight off diseases like cancer.

Find out more in this month's issue of Focused on Health.

You'll get stress-reduction advice from an MD Anderson expert and find out other ways real people unwind. You'll also learn how healthy relationships boost your health and find out whether you should take supplements to prevent cancer.

How do you de-stress? Share your strategies below, or join the conversation on our Focused on Health Facebook page.

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