Breast Cancer Awareness: I Like It on ... Facebook

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By Laura Nathan-Garner, MD Anderson Staff Writer

"I like it on the bookcase."
"I like it on the kitchen table."
"I like it on the floor by the door."

By now, you've probably seen several status updates like these on Facebook. Maybe you've even posted your own.

Even though "it" refers to women's favorite places to put their purses, these status updates sound racy. And that's exactly the point. By piquing readers' curiosity, they're supposed to raise awareness about breast cancer.

It's a cute idea, especially since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Of course, when it comes to beating breast cancer, self-awareness is just as important as raising other people's awareness about the disease. Women can find tips to prevent breast cancer -- or find it early -- in this month's issue of Focused on Health, MD Anderson's online healthy living newsletter.

You'll learn what your breasts say about your cancer risk, what to expect at your first mammogram and whether breast MRI is right for you.

You'll also find out how health care reform will affect cancer prevention screenings and services as well as get our cheat-sheet for teasing out the facts when the next "big" study on how to avoid cancer makes headlines.

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