Lung Cancer Screening Clinical Trial Yields Promising Results

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By Will Fitzgerald, MD Anderson Staff Writer

A first-of-its-kind study has found that CT scans detect lung cancer at an earlier, curable stage in the population at highest risk compared to traditional X-rays -- resulting in 20% fewer deaths from the disease. Until now, there's been no recommended screening tool to detect early lung cancer. However, these results may be a major breakthrough.


MD Anderson was one of 33 sites that participated in the NCI-led trial. Reggie Munden, M.D., professor in the Department of Thoracic Imaging, is the study's principal investigator at MD Anderson. In this video, he explains the findings, significance and hope that could transform the way lung cancer is detected and treated.

Lung cancer trial results show mortality benefit with low-dose CT (NCI news release)

Video from ABC News


This is great

Wow this is great news for the medical community. I hope this is help aid in preventing the first sign of lung cancer detection. Also, help those to stop thinking about smoking and help them live their before brakes into a million pieces

Why just stop smoking, we both know that this could led us to serious ailments. If don't want to be like a cross drilled rotors after using it you will dispose it, life is not like that, love yourself and your family.

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