2011 Resolution: Become a Success Story

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by Laura Nathan-Garner, MD Anderson Staff Writer

Thumbnail image for HappyNewYear2011.jpgLose weight. Exercise more. Quit smoking. Many of us want to make healthy changes like these in the New Year.

But by mid-January, many of us have returned to our old ways. That's because most of us try to make a change before we're really ready.

Everyone moves through five stages before making a successful behavior change. Here's the good news: If you know you need to make a change, you've already gone through the first stage. And, knowing what stage you're in -- and how to move forward -- may help make this the year you succeed.

Find tips for making successful New Year's resolutions in this month's issue of Focused on Health. 

You'll get expert tips to help you make healthy changes, like quitting smoking, that reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases. You'll also learn which alcoholic drinks -- and serving sizes -- to avoid and get recipes for festive alternatives to alcohol that you can serve at your next gathering. And you'll find some important reminders from our most-read stories of 2010, so you can ring in a healthier 2011.

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