Children's Art Project Gifts From the Heart

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Throughout the year, pediatric cancer patients spend time creating their own unique art designs, using vibrant colors and a steady hand. Upon completion, their designs are featured on a wide variety of stationery and gift items, with sale proceeds supporting patient-focused programs at MD Anderson.

The Children's Art Project Valentine Collection combines each artist's creative gusto with a brand new line of products. For the children, each collection is an opportunity to reveal their exciting work and inspire us with their dedication and spirit.

blackheart_domino.jpgThe "Black Hearts" design, created by Noura, 11, of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the pieces in the current Valentine Collection that is generating a lot of interest. It features pink and red watercolor hearts set against a bold black background. The use of color makes it seem as if the hearts are ready to jump off of the paper. This design can be found on the new iPhone covers and several stationery items.

The Valentine Collection also introduces a new addition to Children's Art Project jewelry line. The "Domino Necklace" is a distinctive piece featuring various heart designs surrounded by crystal accents. Three styles are available including "Black Hearts," "Silver Heart" and "Open Hearts." The artwork on the pieces was developed by Fadila, 10, of Egypt, Taylor, 9, of Alabama, and Noura, who is responsible for the "Black Hearts" artwork.

2010Valentines.jpgAnother popular item is the "Kids Valentine" collection. Each set contains 32 colorful fold-over cards featuring eight designs, complete with a place to write in the name of its lucky recipient. This longtime favorite provides a great overview of the different styles of each child's artwork.

With each new product and collection, the real significance is the young patients who spread optimism and love, and isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about.

Where to find Children's Art Project gifts

Houston shoppers can find items at area grocery stores and other retail establishments, the Children's Art Project Boutique in the Uptown Park Shopping Center and at all four MD Anderson gift shops.

Products are also available online at or by calling 800-231-1580 to place an order or receive a free catalog.

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