Young Girl Crafts Jewelry for a Cure

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By Michelle Moore, MD Anderson staff writer

audrey.jpgWhen it comes to giving back, 12-year-old Audrey Morabito has proved that age is nothing but a number. While most kids were writing out a list of all the gifts they wanted for Christmas, Audrey and her friend Brittany Bowles, 12, were looking for a way to do just the opposite.

The two seventh-graders, from John Paul II Catholic School in Houston, raised $450 for MD Anderson by selling handmade Christmas earrings for $5 a pair at their school's holiday celebration. They called their project Crafts for a Cure.

"I looked around at everything I have, and it's so much, more than enough," Bowles says. "I really just wanted to give."

On a family trip to Colorado, Morabito saw a jewelry-making shop and decided to stop in. She picked up a magazine on creating jewelry out of clay, and the rest is history.

audry pink earrings"We like arts and crafts, so when we got the clay we made lots of things like magnets, animals, rosaries and, of course, earrings," Bowles says.

With a profound understanding that not all young people are in the same position as they are, the girls have a special purpose in mind for these funds.

"We hope this money goes toward cancer research, especially for children," Morabito says. "We get to sit at home eating Christmas cookies, while some kids are spending Christmas in a hospital. It's not fair."

"This was totally their idea; we had nothing to do with it," says Audrey's mother, Joan Morabito. "They're even sending all of the earrings left over to the pediatric patients at MD Anderson's Children's Cancer Hospital."

crafts for a cure.jpgTaking their generosity to the next level, both girls decided it wouldn't be fair to leave the boys out, so they included a shipment of Wii games along with the earrings.

Audrey hopes to pass on the sentiment that philanthropy knows no boundaries or borders.

"You can do anything you want, no matter how young you are, if you put your mind to it," Morabito says. "You can't be afraid to try new things."

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