Fight Cancer With Fitness: Tips to Amp Up Your Exercise Routine

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By Colleen Martin, MD Anderson Staff Writer

When fitness instructor Karen Franklin was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, her Zumba® classes kept her going.

"The combination of upbeat Latin music, dancing and the camaraderie among the people you're dancing with in class motivated me to keep working out, even during chemo," Franklin says.

legs dancing - dance.JPGThanks to Zumba, Franklin was so fit that she managed to avoid the side effects and depression that often accompany chemotherapy. And, thanks to the community atmosphere that developed in her Zumba classes, Franklin found the support she needed to make it through treatment. Some of her students even went with her to chemotherapy.

"Zumba is a great workout, but it's so much more than that," Franklin says. "For me, it was a lifesaver."

Franklin's story offers a good reminder about the role exercise can play in your overall health. By getting the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity and making healthy lifestyle choices every day, you can strengthen your body to prevent or fight off cancer.

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zumba is a fantastic new fitness and dance routine. I started to take a few classes myself. I love it!


Zumba is absolutely great! I recommend it to all my friends, great reasults for me in just two weeks!

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