Add Prevention to Your Kitchen

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By Colleen Martin, MD Anderson Staff Writer

Cooking - Frying Veggies.jpgWhen you're juggling work and family, it can be tough to maintain a healthy diet. After all, it's sometimes easier -- and quicker -- to stop by the drive-through or sit down at your favorite restaurant.

But remember, you are what you eat. And, most "fast-food" options tend to be low in nutrients and high in fat. They don't offer the low-fat, plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains that can help to curb your risk of cancer.

So, how can you fit a low-fat, cancer-fighting diet into your busy life? Get our expert advice in this month's issue of Focused on Health.

Learn how to make healthier meals in less time with our cooking shortcuts. Use our prevention grocery list to stock up on cancer-fighting foods. You might even use them to whip up some of our cancer-fighting recipes.

You'll also get tips on how to choose a healthy diet -- and find out which drinks may curb your cancer risk.

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There is a article here with a bit more depth on some of the recommended staples of some popular diets which are healthier and more effective in fighting cancer than others.,0

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