Cancer Treatment Side Effects? Attend a Patient Education Class

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By Lorianne Classen, senior health education specialist, Patient Education Office

Chanel is one of the most cheerful people I have ever met. Her smile can light up a room. I had the opportunity to meet her after she attended a patient education class at MD Anderson.

Like many patients, Chanel was having bothersome side effects from chemotherapy. While waiting for an appointment, she noticed the Patient Education Class Calendar, and decided to attend the upcoming class, "What You Can Do About Treatment Side Effects."

This class provides information on side effects related to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It also focuses on the role nutrition plays in managing side effects and staying healthy through treatment. Taught by an experienced nurse, the class gives patients and caregivers an opportunity to have their specific questions answered.

For Chanel, mouth and throat sores were an issue. They were making it difficult for her to eat. But thanks to advice from the class instructor, she learned how to manage the sores and relieve the discomfort.

She also received tips on managing other side effects that were bothering her. According to Chanel, after attending the class she felt "more prepared to handle the battle ahead."

Patient education classes are offered on many topics, such as fatigue, bowel management and diabetes.

Learn more about the classes and hear about Chanel's experience.

You can also call the Patient Education Office at 713-792-7128.

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