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abcde.jpgTorris Hornsby is a walking miracle.

Diagnosed with urachal cancer, an extremely rare bladder cancer, the Newton, Texas, resident has lived longer than anyone expected, even his oncologist, Arlene Siefker-Radtke, M.D., associate professor in the Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology at MD Anderson.

Hornsby's resolve to live outweighed his prognosis, but there would be other hills to climb in this journey.

A restful sleep
On one of his inpatient visits to the hospital last year, Hornsby forgot his sleep apnea machine at home about two hours from Houston. Feeling tired and what he called "washed out," he was referred to MD Anderson's Sleep Center. It had been six or more years since his last evaluation, so he participated in a sleep study and got a new machine.

From clinical care to clinical research
Started in 2006, the Sleep Center is a four-bed laboratory available to all cancer patients. Its director, Dave Balachandran, M.D., says the center was established because 80% of cancer patients experience fatigue.

"Sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle, but it's even more important in cancer care," Balachandran says. "Ongoing research is focusing on the connection between sleep disorders and fatigue in cancer patients."

Current research data concludes:

Head and neck tumors

  • Up to 80% of patients with head and neck tumors have sleep apnea.
  • There's a clinical trial to better identify and treat them.
Perioperative sleep apnea

  • Patients with untreated sleep apnea have more post-operative complications.
  • Clinical trials are under way to detect sleep apnea, improve monitoring to avoid complications and improve patient safety.
Having conquered his sleep challenges with help from the Sleep Center, Hornsby now participates in a clinical trial and shifts his focus to getting well to share a few more years with his beloved wife, Dewan, and their family.

For consultations, visit the Sleep Center site or call 713-792-4015. For more information about bladder cancers, call 713-745-7575 or 866-363-1332 (toll-free) or visit the Genitourinary Clinic site

Sleep Disorders Can Be Major Burden

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My name is Laura and I came across your blog while scouring the web with my Aunt. She was diagnosed almost one year ago with stage 3 breast cancer and has found it somewhat comforting that others are brave enough to exploit this horrible ailment through humor, information and sometimes just day to day survival. So when I came across your blog I thought maybe I could contribute some advice of my own. Well I shouldn’t exactly take the credit—my Aunt and her own sleep problems is the one whom which it is stemming from.

Approximately six months ago my Aunt received a vaporizer from a family friend as a potential remedy for her anxiety and sleepless nights, which started almost immediately after being diagnosed. It took only one experience for her to be convinced…she had her first solid night sleep in months and was beyond thrilled. After that, vaporizing became a routine for her and every night, about an hour before bed, she blends eucalyptus and lavender and vapes away.

From all the research we’ve done together and the thorough discussions she had with her doctors, it has proven to be a safe and successful alternative to sleeping pills and anxiety medication. In fact, I think it goes without saying that her vaporizer helps with more than just a solid sleep. I don’t want to get into it, but it’s a well known fact that proper sleep is a basic element to getting and staying healthy.

We purchased her particular vaporizer unit from the same place our family friends did, and was able to get even more information from their website as well as their representatives over the phone. Moreover, once the unit was delivered, if we had any user questions, there are on-line “how to” videos on their website for every unit as well as “tips.” My Aunt picked the Digital Volcano model mostly because of its versatility as well as option to vaporize her herbs, leave for a few hours and come back to the same fresh batch. However, I’m certain the technology is any one of Got Vape’s products could satisfy her.

Currently she’s looking into purchasing a portable vaporizer to take with her to chemotherapy appointments to help calm her obvious nerves. I hope my story…or Aunt’s story I should say, has been helpful or interesting at the very least.

All the best,

Laura W.

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