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By Ashton Marchand

aM.jpgAshton Marchand has been writing since she can remember; and thanks to the help of her mother's choice to take part in a homeschooling education, her passion flourished.

Just one year ago, Ashton discovered the Southeast Texas Red Cross Club and, by January, was hooked. The MD Anderson blood drive she and the other club members put on seemed to be the turning point for this young woman, who found in herself a new passion: serving the community.

Now a high school senior, Ashton is the vice president for her Red Cross Club, and always is looking for new and exciting ways to marry her two passions.

To Live
These two words embody the ultimate gift any human being can hope to receive.

More often than we would perhaps like to admit, our fellow man has this gift taken away.

Every breath we take is precious. Every moment we live needs be cherished.

As members of the human race, it's our obligation to help one another when possible, and to always extend kindness and compassion, even in the face of adversity.

Because of this, the South East Texas Home School Red Cross Club held a blood drive in hopes of reaching out to the community.

In this drive we received several dozen units of blood that will go to those in need, but the giving does not end with this one drive.

Many first-time donors experienced the delight of giving blood which, if continued throughout their lifetime, may then turn into gallons.

Humans are blessed with the ability to give and regenerate what we gave in order to give again. Every day we're bombarded by illness and accidents, every day there is someone in need.

You are an integral part of the expansive chain that makes up the human race; every helping hand offered is needed.

Donating blood, or even holding a blood drive yourself, is incredibly important to the community.

A few hours of your time could mean the difference between having seconds and years for someone else.

Everyone deserves the gift of life, and giving blood is one way you can ensure that they too receive the time and memory making that they are entitled to.

When all else fails, it is the community that chooses to support itself; at the end of the day it is the individual effort no matter how big or small, that makes the larger impact.

MD Anderson Cancer Center Blood Bank encourages everyone to donate blood and platelets. To make an appointment to donate or to schedule a blood drive, please call (713) 792-7777.

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A Red Cross Youth club hosted a blood drive in Houston to benefit MDA because one of the member's mom and the club sponsor has Inflammatory Breast Cancer, IBC. One of the students wrote about what it meant to her to donate. I am very proud of this club and the teens for how much they do and are willing to give for the greater good.
Terry Arnold
IBC survivor
and one proud Red Cross Youth Club sponsor.

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