Food Quiz: Serving Too Many Calories on Your Thanksgiving Plate?

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Thanksgiving cheat sheet-turkey-web.jpgThanksgiving is just the first of many winter celebrations that focus on food. At each event, you're surrounded by mouth-watering holiday foods, constantly tempting you to overeat.
"Don't give in, or you might get into the habit of overeating," says Mary Ellen Herndon, MPH, RD, wellness dietitian at MD Anderson. "This can result in unhealthy weight gain that, in the long-run, may make it harder for your body to fight off diseases like cancer."

Test your Thanksgiving serving size IQ by answering the questions below. It'll get you on a healthy start to portion control this holiday season. 

1. How many calories should men and women aim for on their Thanksgiving plate?

a. Men should aim for 700 calories and women 500 calories. That's one-third of their daily caloric needs.
b. Men should aim for 2,000 calories and women 1,500. That's a full day worth of calories. Who needs food the rest of the day?
c. Thanksgiving is just once a year. Forget about the calories!

2. How much turkey should be on your Thanksgiving plate?

a. Turkey is the main attraction and should cover at least half of your plate.
b. Put about 3 ounces of turkey on your plate. That's about the size of a deck of cards.
c. None of the above. It's best to stay away from turkey.

3. How much stuffing should you put on your plate?

a. Stuffing means stuff your plate -- no minimum portion size required.
b. About 1 cup. That's about the size of a baseball.
c. About ½ cup. That's about the size of a standard ice cream scooper.

4. How much cranberry sauce should you put on your plate?

a. About a teaspoon. That's about the size of one die.
b. About ¼ cup. That's about the size of a golf ball.
c. Cranberries are in the fruit group. That means you can eat as much as you like.

5. Should you skip dessert?

a. You can have dessert if it fits into your meal's target calorie range.
b. Nothing good can come of eating dessert. It's best to say no.
c. None of the above.

ANSWERS: 1, a; 2, b; 3, c; 4, b; 5, a

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