Best of Cancerwise 2011: Cancer Patient Stories of Triumph

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This year, we've had the good fortune to meet some amazing patients. The stories they tell of diagnosis, treatment and hope are inspiring.

Are you a patient at MD Anderson with a story you'd like to share? Email us at and tell us more about you and your cancer-fighting spirit.

patientstoriescancerwisefinal.jpgWith Faith, Family and a Plan, Man Beats Prostate Cancer
After treatment was completed, Easton's PSA level fell dramatically to less than 1.

To celebrate, he rang the radiation bell, a tradition at MD Anderson, on March 8, 2011. His wife, son, two close friends, "Dr. K," as Easton affectionately calls Deborah Kuban, M.D., and his whole treatment team joined in the celebration.

"When I grabbed that bell and rang it, I couldn't believe it was really over," he says. "I'd gotten so used to the routine of my treatment."

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patientstories2.jpgRe-Defining Normal
After seven brain surgeries, a stint at a rehab hospital and finally outpatient rehab at home, Nate has come so far. He's walking, learning to use his right side, working on his memory and learning to communicate.

Those days at MD Anderson were hard. But sometimes being home is even harder. In the hospital, there's the comfort of having your "dream team" to help you through. At home, it's up to you.

In the hospital, everyone is fighting their own battle and there's comfort in making friends in the waiting room. At home, friends and family are living "normal" lives and yours is forever changed.

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patientstories3.jpgAn Unexpected Love Story
In the midst of all this chaos, Jack scheduled a relatively minor procedure with his urologist, who suggested throwing in a routine prostate biopsy, since Jack's father and grandfather had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Neither of us gave it much thought. Jack is young, his PSA was 2.5, and he had no symptoms whatsoever that would indicate a problem. So, he never expected the phone call that came on Monday, Oct. 11, 2010, and I certainly never expected to hear the words, "Babe, I've got cancer."

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