Sweetness in the Air at the Children's Art Project

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By William Fitzgerald, MD Anderson Staff Writer

A group of pediatric cancer patients from MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital took a special field trip to Crave Cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day and decorate their own delicious treats. The outing provided the young patients with an exciting opportunity to spend some time away from the hospital and enjoy the company of their peers.

"We believe providing different opportunities to our young patients and artists is important for their development," says Shannan Murray, executive director of the Children's Art Project (CAP). "Even though these children are dealing with a difficult illness, they're still kids and want to have normal experiences."

After disembarking from the hospital shuttle, the patients walked into a store filled with colorful frosting, candy and other toppings. With help from the gracious staff at Crave Cupcakes, the children jumped right in with wide smiles. 

The trip coincided with CAP's 2012 Valentine's Day Collection, a variety of gifts based on artwork created by MD Anderson's pediatric patients. A new collection of products is released each February, with sale proceeds supporting scholarships, summer camps, a rehabilitative ski trip to Utah and other patient programs.

To learn more about the program or purchase the latest gifts, visit

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