When Harry Met Marie

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whenharry.JPGHarry Moore, an 84-year-old leukemia patient, never thought he would get remarried after his wife of 66 years passed away two years ago. He'd finally accepted the fact he would be alone. "I had decided I'd spend the rest of my life alone. I didn't want anybody else," Moore says.

Marie Hazel Hargis, 71, had lost her husband only a year before she attended the Champion Employee Retiree Luncheon on Oct. 19, 2011.

Even though Harry and Marie's husband had worked together for 30 years, and the two couples attended the same church, they'd never met.

Fate brought them to the same table that day, as they sat next to each other and talked during the entire meal. "I love him very much. It was love at first sight," Marie says.

Too soon for sparks

But the love wasn't welcome in her heart -- not yet, anyway. She was still dealing with the loss of her beloved husband. When sparks flew between her and Harry, she knew she needed to get out of there, fast.

A few days passed and Marie received a Children's Art Project card, with a red flower on the front, from Harry. He told her how much he enjoyed meeting her and learning about her life with her husband, his former co-worker.

whenharry2.jpg"That card was the first of many flowers I received from Harry. It was very special," Marie says .

She wrote him back a few days later to thank him for the card and wish him well. "I didn't ever want to get married again. I didn't even want to date."

However, after a few days, she felt compelled to call him and thank him. "I suggested we meet for coffee so that I could hear more about his life. He hadn't told me much at the luncheon. It was mostly me talking about my life," she says.

"When we sat down for lunch, he reached for both of my hands and said, 'I want to pray.' He prayed that the lord would lead us and we would keep the lord first in our relationship. That cemented my feelings for him."

The rest is history

"I'm glad it's happened now. It's changed my whole life. I have something to live for," Harry says.

The couple got married on Feb. 11 at the home of Harry's daughter in Montgomery, Texas. "We've been practicing our vows -- to love, cherish and take care of each other, and we'll keep doing that," Marie says.

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