Recipes That Fight Colorectal Cancer

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coloncancerrecipe.jpgBy Adelina Espat and Laura Nathan-Garner

Struggling to get your daily dose of fiber? Get your fill by replacing high-calorie dishes with these recipes for lower-calorie, fiber-rich alternatives.

Studies show plant-based foods rich in dietary fiber may reduce your risk for colorectal cancer. That's because the more fiber you consume, the less time harmful toxins spend inside your body.

Each of these easy-to-make recipes is loaded with fresh, plant-based foods, which are the most beneficial forms of fiber, hands-down.

Making a rice dish? Swap white rice for brown
What's one of the easiest ways to eat more whole grains? Replace white rice with brown. Get started by making this recipe for brown rice and cranberries. The sweet and savory combination will be a crowd-pleasing side dish at any meal. Brown Rice with Cranberries Recipe

Start the day with banana oatmeal muffins

These healthy muffins are delicious as a snack or quick breakfast. The recipe features high-fiber oats and whole-wheat flour that help reduce your risks for colorectal cancer. Plus, applesauce and bananas add essential vitamins and keep the muffins moist and low in fat. Banana Oatmeal Muffins Recipe

Sweet tooth? Indulge in almond fig bars
This dessert bar recipe features figs, whole-wheat flour and toasted almonds. Almonds, like all nuts, contain plant-chemicals that help keep you healthy. This recipe may make you change your mind about figs! Almond Fig Bars Recipe

Fight hunger with spiced toasted almonds

On-the-go lifestyle? No problem! Nuts also are a great source of fiber. These baked nuts can be sealed and stored for up to two weeks. Pack them up for lunch at the office or reheat them in your oven at home for a nutritious snack. Spiced Toasted Almonds Recipe

Learn more about fiber's cancer-fighting benefits in this month's issue of Focused on Health.

You'll also get a printable checklist to help you weed out whole grain imposters. And, you'll find out the pros and cons of getting a colonoscopy versus a virtual colonoscopy.

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