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topspotspicfinal.jpgBy Johnny Rigg, MD Anderson Staff Writer

What comes to mind when you think of hospitals? White walls, solemn faces, that sterile smell?

Here, we take these stereotypes into consideration and try our best to stray from the norm. Our staff and in-house programs aim to facilitate comfort and ease throughout the stays of our patients and their families.
Whether you're here for a quick check-up or an extended period of time for treatment, there are a variety of services that can help make MD Anderson feel more like your home away from home.
Beauty and Barber Shop:
At this style oasis on Floor 6 in the Main Building, patients can receive personalized, one-on-one hair and cosmetic care.

Services are provided at no charge by Volunteer Services on a first-come, first-serve basis and include shampoos, haircuts, shaves, wigs, scarves and hats. Whether you need a quick trim or a full treatment, your needs will be taken care of here.

Child care: Being treated at any hospital is never easy, and finding someone to watch your children makes it even more difficult. The Child Visitation Room on Floor 1 in the Main Building offers free short-term child care for children ages 2 months to 12 years.

There's no shortage of toys, movies and video games available. The suggested limit is two hours at a time; however, exceptions can be made by speaking with Child Visitation staff members.

Cyber Center: What do you do if you need to stay in touch with the world, but you don't have a laptop? Good news. We have computers available for patients and their families on Floor 4 of the Main Building.

The Cyber Center offers free access to the Internet, allowing you to surf the web, check your email and keep up with current events. Printers, telephones, fax machines and copiers are also available.

Kim's Place: Kim's Place provides a fun hangout for patients and guests ages 15-30 and includes video games, a pool table, jukebox, computers and coffee. Volunteers and staff chaperone the room, so stop in for some fun between appointments.

Laundry facilities: Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on Floor 6 of the Main Building. There are three full sized washer-dryers and an oversized dryer. Laundry soap can be purchased in the various gift shops nearby and the cashier's office in the Main Building, Floor 1, near Café Corner will be happy to make change for you.

Notary public:
The Department of Social Work provides free notary services for patients and their families, with an in-house notary on Floor 2 of the Main Building. Bring one of the following forms of ID to the Social Work office:
  • Valid state-issued driver's license
  • Valid federal- or state-issued identification card
  • Valid U.S. passport or international passport with U.S. customs stamp
We think it's important for patients and their families to remain relaxed and comfortable during their stay at MD Anderson. When you have a free moment, take time to walk around our campus. Seek out some of these top spots, but we're sure you'll find more.

MD Anderson provides more than 65 programs throughout the main campus for patients, families and caregivers. For additional information, please contact Volunteer Services at 713-792-7180.

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