8 tips for a healthier barbecue

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grilledveggies.jpgPlanning a summer barbecue? Before you fire up, beware.

Convincing research shows that many meats traditionally served at barbecues may increase your risk for colorectal cancer. And, even some 'safer' meats can expose you to cancer-causing agents if they're cooked improperly.

But don't cancel your barbecue plans just yet. We've listed some of our top tips to give your next grilling event a healthy makeover.

Following these tips may help ensure you continue to enjoy grilling for many summers to come.

  1. Don't char or burn meat, poultry or fish. The char or burn is filled with chemicals that can up your cancer risk.
  2. Skip processed meats like bacon, hot dogs and sausage. Eating these meats may raise your colorectal cancer risk. 
  3. Grill skinless chicken breasts and fish instead of red meat. Research also links red meat to increased colorectal cancer risk.
  4. Consider grilling salmon to fill up on disease-fighting vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. 
  5. Marinate meat for at least 30 minutes. This prevents cancer-causing chemicals from forming when you grill. 
  6. Don't make your barbecue a meat-only affair. Grill fruits and veggies to load up on cancer-fighting vitamins and nutrients. 
  7. When grilling fruit or veggies (including corn), don't peel them! The peels provide disease-fighting nutrients and a smokier flavor. 
  8. Want a healthy but sweet dessert alternative for your barbecue? Sprinkle cinnamon or honey over fruit, then grill it.
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