Celebration Singers share notes during Survivorship Week

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Celebrationsingerssurvivorweek.jpgBy Angela Rankin

Angela Rankin is a three-time primary cancer survivor, who attributes her positive attitude and "fighting" stamina to her faith, family and friends. She says the excellent care received at MD Anderson gave her "healing confidence."

She continues to fight as she also deals with Parkinson's disease and severe back problems. She's been an active member of MD Anderson's Celebration Singers, a singing group made up of cancer survivors and caregivers, and has no doubt that music heals.

This post is part of our Survivorship Week series, June 2-9.

The Celebration Singers celebrate life through music and learning about one another.

We celebrate the opportunities when we get to sing for other survivors and caregivers.  

The excitement is high when we perform for others and I hope we both entertain and convey how music helps in the healing process.

Join in the fun
Sometimes, patients join in with us, singing and dancing to our music.

Michael Richardson, our leader, makes the audience feel as if we are all old friends sitting in a living room, singing and sharing our own cancer journeys.

We meet and greet those receiving treatment at MD Anderson and we let them know they're not alone.

When the group takes a break from singing, we tell the audience our own stories. I feel we help people realize there's always hope and possibly offer them some solace in the midst of a difficult time.

It's a wonderful feeling when someone comes up after the performance to tell me how great the songs were and to ask questions about my ovarian cancer, breast cancer or melanoma.

I'm honored to answer the questions, and proud and thankful to give back.

Our performances are not "musical perfection," but our message is loud and clear;

There's always hope, and there is life after cancer. We can hit that note every time!

The Celebration Singers perform tonight, Tuesday, June 5, 6-7 p.m., in the Main Building, Floor 1 (near The Fountain).

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