Setting the record straight about MD Anderson and Nerium

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MD Anderson is all about new ideas.

For more than 70 years, we've been developing and researching new drugs, combinations, diagnostic tests, techniques and technologies for our patients and others around the world.

But where we draw the line is directly endorsing a company or a company's product or service.

For that reason, you might be a little confused about some buzz regarding a skin care product called Nerium, and a vague connection to MD Anderson.

It's suggested that the product, which is featured on multiple social media channels, the product's website and at in-home sales parties, was discovered by an MD Anderson researcher.

It's important for you to know that:

  • MD Anderson did not develop this product and does not vouch for its effectiveness or safety.
  • MD Anderson does not endorse this product or company.
  • The researcher in the web video, Robert Newman, Ph.D., who is professor emeritus, is speaking as an individual, not as a spokesperson for MD Anderson.
  • MD Anderson, as an institution, is not connected to this product and we do not profit from its sales.
  • MD Anderson has not authorized the use of its name in connection with this product.
We welcome any questions or comments you might have related to this topic.

In the meantime, one of the best things you can do for your skin during this hot summer is to wear your sunscreen. Now that's a skin care topic we want to talk about!



Did MD Anderson, or anyone working for the hospital, perform any research at all on this product?

Hi Steve, we aren’t aware of any specific research performed here on this product.


I understand that it is very important for a research institute such as MD Anderson to maintain an image of impartiality the policy to avoid endorsements, even tangential ones. However, I find your post to be a bit deceptive. You describe Dr. Newman as professor emeritus which is true, but that statement is not the entire story.

He was a professor and innovator at MD Anderson for over 20 years before retiring and entering the private sector as a consultant. The company in question does not claim that the product was discovered at MD Anderson. Dr. Newman was brought on at the biotech because of his expertise in pharmacology and toxicology, a critical subject matter for skin care products. His time at MD Anderson only lends additional prestige to someone who is known to be an expert in his field. Just like someone saying they are a Harvard Law graduate does not mean that Harvard endorses their activities.

Hi. I just want to add that the words may be twisted by some. So let's check the fact.

1. Clincial trials using Nerium Oleander on the skin for skin cancer where done at MD Anderson. In fact, other clinical trials are and were being done at MD Anderson using the Nerium Oleander plant. ( Not connected at all to the product or the company)

2. Dr. Robert Newman was involved in those trials and has done extensive research on the effects of oleander on Skin.

3. The results of some of that research led to discovery and the development of Nerium AD by Dr. Newman and others.

So no, MD Anderson does not MAKE the product or endorse the product. That's clear.

Just wanted set the record straight

First of all I would like to thank you for all your prompt responses. They are so helpful. So would I be correct in saying that while "at" MD Anderson Dr. Newman conducted research studies evaluating the efficacy of the Nerium Oleander plant on skin cancer, he discovered other non-cancer treating benefits for the skin.

I understand that MD Anderson is not affiliated with Nerium AD in any way other than that Dr. Newman conducted research there. I would like to know in what capacity did he "work" at MD Anderson. Does that mean he was an employee, subcontractor, consultant? I do not know the world of research but I would like to get the nomenclature correct. Thank you..

And yet, as late as Jan. 7, 2013, I heard a person trying to sell this product and claiming that it is endorsed by MD Anderson.

Typically in a large fast growing organization like nerium International, a percentage of people will say or print different versions of how MD Anderson is connected with Nerium skincare, not fully understanding the relationship between the two. However you will not find any claim on any of Nerium's marketing material of the two being literally connected.

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