Best of Cancerwise 2012: Food for thought

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Want to stay cancer-free? Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, along with regular exercise, can help.

This year, our experts offered advice for staying healthy.

Stop the multivitamin madness
By Holly Holmes, M.D., assistant professor, General Internal Medicine

healthy living.JPGPatients often make an appointment with me to get help reducing the number of drugs they're taking. Because I'm a geriatrician and was a pharmacist, I have a real passion for the appropriate use of medication.

Patients are surprised when, looking through their list, the first thing I suggest dropping is a vitamin. This leads to a lengthy and interesting conversation (sometimes an argument).

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Advice on avoiding cancer or a recurrence

By Mary Brolley, MD Anderson staff writer

Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., started out a typical, meat-eating kid, then teenager.

Since then he's become a cancer researcher devoted to living a healthier lifestyle.

Now he's sharing his advice.

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