Opera singer Pablo Romero sings with the MD Anderson employee choir

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Pablo Romero isn't shy about singing in public.

"I've sung everywhere from cafés to gas stations and bus stops," Romero says.
Now, he's adding MD Anderson to this list. 

The young opera singer has been entertaining crowds for the past 10 years. He's currently in Houston while his mother receives cancer treatment.

"I was accompanying my mother to one of her appointments, and I saw a choir singing," Romero says. "We stopped for a moment to listen and discovered it was the MD Anderson employee choir."

Right away, he knew he wanted to sing with them.

Yesterday, he got his chance.

 "My hope is that the music will lift the spirits of patients and families," Romero says. "I hope it gives them something to float on, so to speak."

Romero's mother, who had never heard him perform live before, was among the many patients who watched the performance. 

"It was very rewarding for her to be there," Romoro says. "Even though she's here as a cancer patient, it was really special for her to finally hear me perform live."

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Congratulations to Hospital Choir, and especially the opera singer, who performed his song excellent. The art and especially music is an ideal way to restore the spirit, especially when the body meets the ordeal of cancer. I imagine the joy that the singer gave his Mother, that was present in two-way, as I am sure that I am also a son-that Pablo's spirit will rejoice for long with this gift given to his Mother.

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