A trusted resource: The Learning Center helps patients stay informed

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patient ed learning center pic- final.JPGThe internet can make life easier, but the answers it gives you can be overwhelming when you're dealing with cancer.

So what's the best way to find the most reliable, accurate information? Through The Learning Center at MD Anderson. We'll help you find the latest information about general health, cancer and issues related to cancer and cancer prevention. All services are free.

A credible resource

The Learning Center staff provides information that's current and accurate from trustworthy sources, including scientific and medical databases.

"We access the same databases and journals that the Research Medical Library uses for our employees' research needs," says Tanha. "MD Anderson pays for these subscriptions, so it's a real value for our patients to get the information free of charge."

Long-distance support
"We serve all MD Anderson patients and caregivers," says Jila Tanha, health education specialist in The Learning Center. "We frequently respond to questions from across the country by phone and email."

The Learning Center can help you find the best information online or send you other printed resources or pamphlets -- everything from basic, introductory pamphlets to high-level materials.

  • Email: If you're an MD Anderson patient or caregiver, you may email your question to or complete our contact form online. If we find published information, we'll send it to you, usually within two business days.

  • Phone: If you have a quick question or need help right away, please call us at 713-745-8063 or 713-563-8010 Monday through Friday 9:00am-4:00pm CST. If your question needs additional research, we'll let you know and will send you the materials as soon as our search is completed.

  • Pathfinders: If you want to search on your own, but you need direction, use the pathfinders from the right menu on our website. Each PDF focuses on a unique topic and contains the best print, video and online resources. More than 35 pathfinders are available, including titles on cancer types, nutrition, communicating with children, sexuality, clinical trials and advanced care planning.

  • Mail: If you happen to be at MD Anderson and decide to check out a book, The Learning Center provides self-addressed stamped envelopes so that you may return the materials free of charge. You may check out three items at a time for two weeks and may renew books for an extra two weeks by simply calling or sending an email.
Not here in Houston? You may also want to check with your local library to see if they have the books that we recommend.

We're here to help

The staff at The Learning Center is here to help, and we hope to hear from you.
The Learning Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Main Building and Mays Clinic.

Theodore N. Law Learning Center

Main Building, Floor 4, near Elevator A, Room R4.1100

Levit Family Learning Center

Mays Clinic, Floor 2, near The Tree Sculpture, Room ACB2.1120

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