How pre-surgery visualization helped me: Part II

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buttefly in hands-CW.jpgThis is a continuation of yesterday's post on how pre-surgery visualization helped me.

Telling my surgical team about visualization
I didn't tell my surgical team about my new visualization practice right away.

I decided to bring it up during a surgery planning appointment. At the end of our visit, after we had discussed all of the medical aspects of the procedure, I mentioned the details of my request. "I'm very fond of integrative therapies because I believe in them, and I know they will help me heal better and faster," I said to my surgeon and nurse.

"But my surgical team has to be involved. Can you please help me?" I was relieved when they respectfully agreed to participate and put notes about my request in my chart.

The visualization script for my surgery

The morning of my surgery, I gave my team three copies of my script to be read aloud before and after surgery. It read:

Ms. Tanha, your surgery is about to start/over. We will/were able to remove all of the disease, and your body will be healthy from now on.
  • You will have no pain in the area of your surgery, and you will heal quickly.
  • You will be able to move easily, without restriction or pain. 
  • You are able to breathe deeply and easily, fully inflating your lungs. You will no longer need the ventilator after two hours.
  • You will come out of the anesthesia easily, without headache or nausea. 
  • As soon as you are allowed, you will find walking very easy, and your energy level will be optimum at that time. 
  • When they bring you food and drinks, you will have a good appetite, and they will taste wonderful. 
  • The medicine they give you after the surgery will be free of side effects. 

Recovery after surgery
My goal was to eliminate complications and speed healing, and I believe that my meditation helped accomplish that.

I cannot dismiss the effort of my surgical team. I had complete confidence in them, and I knew I was in good hands. But my meditation work definitely helped my healing. I didn't experience any difficulties.

Everyone who saw me in recovery said, "Wow, you look great!" I felt peaceful and comfortable.

My surgeon is a very serious man. After my surgery, I thanked him for his hard work in healing me - and then we shared a laugh when I told him that I helped him, too.

I really I appreciated his open attitude, professionalism and understanding of my extra requests.

Be realistic
I've become an advocate for visualization techniques, but I always tell people that integrative medicine isn't magic.

If you're interested in integrative medicine, be realistic and set goals that are attainable, depending on your disease, its stage and treatment.

Resources to help you learn more

If you'd like to learn more, please check out the following resources. You can check out the books in The Learning Center.

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