Cancer patient: How exercise makes a difference

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LR running.JPGBy Linda Ryan

Yesterday, I visited with my 100-year-old grandmother, Nana. 

By all accounts, she is a healthy woman. When she was 94, she told me in her mind she is 49, but her body says she is 94. 

She lives a few miles away with my aunt and uncle. She can't be left alone as she isn't very agile or steady on her feet. 

My uncle thinks her mind can move much faster than her body, which causes her to fall. That makes sense based on her self-evaluation at 94. 

Nana has a home health aide who comes weekly for a few hours. The aid helps her with any jobs that she wants done.

Nana invited the aid to join her for lunch yesterday. I asked Nana what she wanted the aide to do for her while she was there. Nana said, "Well, I want to go for a walk." I told her that I thought it was impressive that, at 100 years old, she wanted to walk.

"I don't walk far, but if I don't keep moving my legs and feet, they won't work," she told me.  

How about that? 

First, how can anyone read this and say that they don't want to at least walk to the end of their driveway, street or even around the block? 

Secondly, she must be on to something. She knows if she stops being active, or as active as she can, she will deteriorate physically.

Staying active during cancer treatment
I attribute some of my success in my battle against cancer to my fitness level at the time of my cancer diagnosis.   

It was also important for me to continue to be as active as I could while going through cancer treatment

I ran two, half-marathons and several 5Ks. My times were not that of an elite runner, but for me, it was an accomplishment to not only cross the finish line but line up at the start line.   

Watch Linda discuss the importance of exercise during her cancer treatment.

Linda Ryan thought she had checked cancer off her list. Having just run her first marathon, it was hard to imagine that her cervical cancer had returned after seven years. Cancer chose the wrong woman.She was ready to battle cancer for the third time with health, laughter and friendship. Follow Linda Ryan at

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