4 ways to celebrate a healthy Memorial Day

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Family Grilling cw.JPGBy Amber Presely, MD Anderson Staff Writer

While you spend time with friends and family and celebrate our veterans this Memorial Day weekend, don't take a vacation from making healthy choices. A healthy lifestyle can help reduce your chances of developing cancer, so make the holiday a healthy one.

Use these tips to stay healthy and help prevent cancer.

1. Fit in activity
Taking a family road trip for the long holiday weekend? Try to schedule time in your trip to stop for a bike ride or brisk walk. Or get the family moving by kicking around a soccer ball or throwing a Frisbee for a few minutes.

Sitting less and adding more activity to your day can help lower your risks for many cancers. Get more tips to make your road trip healthy.

2. Wear sunscreen
Want to avoid sunburns and skin cancer? A dab of sunscreen just won't do the trick. You need to slather on a golf-ball sized amount every two hours -or every 60 to 90 minutes if you'll be swimming or sweating. 

And, apply it before you go outside. It can take up to 30 minutes for your skin to absorb sunscreen. So, plan ahead. Get more sunscreen tips.  

3. Make grilling healthy
Don't let your family's health go up in flames during your Memorial Day barbecue. Avoid processed meats like hot dogs and bacon. Cancer-causing substances form when these meats are preserved. And, eating these meats can damage your DNA, upping your colorectal cancer risk. Get healthy grilling tips

4. Spend time with family
Spending time with others usually makes us laugh more and worry less. While no research directly links relationships to cancer risks, several studies do suggest healthy relationships can improve health. And, a healthy body means you will be in better fighting shape when infection or disease knocks on your door. Find out how to make the most of your relationships this holiday

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