Men who suspect they have cancer: A cancer survivor's advice

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Last summer, Oliver Bogler felt a lump in his chest -- one that sometimes seemed to grow and ache. Though his Internet searches told him it could be male breast cancer, Bogler put off telling his wife. He also put off going to see a doctor for several months.

Though the male breast cancer diagnosis that Bogler ultimately received is rare, stories like his are not. Men are far less likely than women to have visited the doctor in the past year, according to research.

But, as Bogler learned, waiting and avoiding the doctor doesn't usually make symptoms disappear. In fact, it may just cause more worrying.

Now Bogler is sharing his advice for others who put off doctor's visits, especially men who suspect they may have cancer.

In honor of National Men's Health Week from June 10-16, we encourage you to watch Bogler's video below and share it with the men in your life.

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